10 reasons to adopt an adult dog

What are the main reasons to adopt an adult dog, and enjoy the company of a new member in the family. And when you shouldn’t.

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Adopting an adult dog or cat from a shelter where they are sacrificed, helps directly save their lives. Adopting them where they are not sacrificed, helps give the place to another little companion waiting for their new definitive Home.

We describe what are the main reasons to adopt an adult dog, and enjoy the company of a new member in the family.

  • An adult dog will already have the size, shape, breed and colors defined, so you can know in advance the size of your new companion.
  • If you are looking for pure dogs, be sure to check in the shelters and local organizations, which will surely find someone according to your times and possibilities.
  • If you don’t find the pet you’re looking for in your city it’s easy with social networks and search engines, or you can check in the shelters and partner organizations of Bark in Green®. If you find a dog that you would like to adopt but is in another city, please contact the shelter to see if it is possible to adopt it and what means of transport are available.
  • When you adopt an adult dog, you may already be trained to be in the house and know basic commands of obedience like sitting, standing still and lying down. At the same time your temperament will already be quite defined which can give you greater clarity about how the coexistence will be.

It is an ideal company for an elderly person, or for a home where adults live

  • An adult pet can be a wonderful companion for an elderly person. Many adult and middle-aged dogs require less physical effort and attention than younger animals.
  • If you have children and the new dog will belong to one of the youngest members of the family, you can find one that fits a young person. You can teach your children compassion and responsibility, as well as show how wonderful it is to provide a home to a dog.
  • You won’t go through the entire initial process of dog education, usually whether the dog was in a shelter or in other people’s home, the whole process for it to fulfill its needs outside the house, as well as the anxiety and the process of biting everything they find in its path of some dogs, will be over, so you’ll enjoy all the pros from the beginning.
  • Adopting a pet is cheaper than going to buy one, that will allow you to have a little extra money to buy essential supplies and some goodies for your new friend. And don’t forget to book a little money for that important visit to your pet’s veterinarian.
  • Many shelters and rescue groups make assessments of each animal to determine things like temperament, whether the dog is sociable with other pets and children, whether it is trained to be at home, knows of obedience, etc. Another benefit for foster families is that many of these organizations also have resources available to train pets and help owners cope with their new dog’s emotional or behavioral problems.
  • An adopted dog can enrich your life in many ways. Unconditional love and acceptance of a dog can relieve depression, loneliness, lower blood pressure and give you a reason to get up in the morning. A dog that loves walking or running outdoors can be the incentive you need to exercise on a regular basis.

As many adoptive parents can testify, a rescued adult dog understands that you saved his life. Often, the bond that is formed between the shelter dogs and their new owners is very close and durable.

Written by Raul of Team Barki

Sources Dr. Karen Becker, Holistic Veterinary.

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