You will find a list of songs that are ideal to listen to on your walks. Going out for a walk with our pets is a time in which we share a moment that fills us with happiness and joy, we can also take advantage of that moment to exercise a little while walking with our friend.

In this post we will recommend a list of songs ideal to go for a walk with our pet, this includes a list specifically selected by Bark in Green to accompany us energetically for that walk, but that it does not distract us from the important task we are doing and to which we should pay more attention,the safety of our pets!

This post seeks to raise awareness of the importance of this activity, as we must walk our pets daily. If you want to start walking your dog every day, it all comes down to motivating you and turning it into a habit. Remember that walking is not only a good exercise for you and your dog, it is also important for the overall health of your pet.

Here below we leave the songs included in the list of songs to walk with energy with our friend, the link to the whole list on Spotify® is READY TO WALK WITH MY PET

Lambada – manos

Butter -BTS



Wise woman – Jason mraz

Prisoner – miley cirus ft. dua lipa

Promises – calvin harris

Ice cream – blackpink ft. selena Gomez

Don´t start now – dua lipa


X – Jonas brothers ft. karol g

Everywhere – XO CUPID

Rain on me – lady gaga ft. Ariana grande

More than I can say – gamper

Beautiful people – ed sheeran

Never really over – katy perry

Ladida – crispie

Be kind – zak abel

Sun seaker – junge junge

Someone – jubel

BET YOU WANNA – (feat cardi g) – blackpink

You need to calm down – taylor swift

Mash it up – ben tripp

Naked – Jonas blue

Dandelion – galantis

Ease your mind – joan

You will find this armed list ready to listen onSpotify® and enjoy it directly on your walks.

We also leave you some extras to keep in mind when it comes to walking with your pet.

  • Bring water for you and your pet, staying hydrated both in summer and winter is essential.
  • Let your dog snooping, it is essential for his mental stimulation that he has the possibility of discovering aromas and textures on his journey.
  • Avoid retractable leashes, Retractable straps cause many unnecessary hazards compared to traditional straps. The length of this cannot be easily controlled, and can cause damage to owners and pets, although they may be a good choice for the beach, for your walks opt for traditional leashes.
  • Always pick up their poop, this is a good habit that allows us to have the city more tidy, we recommend that you opt for recycled plastic or bioplastic bags to maintain balance with the environment.
  • Beware of the warm floor in summer, it is essential to pay attention to the places you walk, remember that your dog will step on the way with its paws.
  • Ask before approaching other pets, not all dogs react in the same way, and it is good to ask the parents of other pets, whether they are in a position to greet others or have not learned to do it yet.

And so far we hope you enjoy those walks with your best partner and good music, and have fun on the way.

Written by Raul of Team Barki



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