What to do to reduce our carbon footprint? 1 Step at a time

We invite you to reflect on how to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact in our daily life.

The world of fashion (both for humans and pets) is one of the most polluting industries in the world, according to reports from the UN and international organizations, this causes serious damage to the environment.

The fall in prices in recent years has allowed us to have 5 times more clothes than 50 years ago, but the real costs of this we are beginning to see today more and more frequently.

This blog post is to observe some recommendations when choosing to give us a little gift for us or for our furry friends without our carbon footprint preventing us from enjoying it.

FromBark in Green we invite you to follow the following tips when choosing the next gifts for yourself or for your pets

Choose Quality over Quantity: Not all sustainable brands are extremely expensive, we can access excellent quality products at the same prices as luxury brands that don’t pay attention to the environment. The next time you go looking for a garment, see if they have a logo or indicate the origin of their materials, as well as the workshops where they make their garments.

Buy Better: Yes, although we are a company we invite you to buy less and more wisely. Even the greenest garment needs resources for production and transportation to your home, which inevitably implies some kind of impact on the environment. The secret is to reduce excessive consumption. By choosing high quality garments made to order or on a small scale we avoid promoting fashion that generates excessive waste.

Choose Design: Choose designs that you like, as this will allow you to use the garments longer, and by using them longer reduce pollution and increase in the amount of garments that end up in the trash.

Do not throw away clothes: Although our garments are made of recyclable fibers or recycled polyester, most garments are not made of biodegradable materials, so it is not advisable to throw them away.

  • Tips to keep in mind: Try to repair them, find the seamstress in your neighborhood or closest to your home and ask to repair it for a second use.
  • Donate clothes: Both a person and a little animal will thank you.
  • Look for textile waste containers, there are in some cities specific containers for this type of waste, if you can not ask to propose to the authorities of your city or neighborhood that they put one to solve it.

We hope these things will help you reduce the environmental impact on your daily life.

Written by Raul of Team Barki


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