We are a sustainable brand, and we want to achieve an ethical manufacturing based on three fundamental pillars:


Empowering people

All the people and companies that work with us are based on fair trade. We seek inspiration from the best artists in Asia, North America and South America to select our designs and prints, this allows us to value diversity, and support communities around the globe, and with all that imprint then produce our pieces with independent sewing artisans , or families that are dedicated to perform this task in an environment of respect for others, establishing the best quality in each garment.


The fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, so we seek to reduce the environmental impact by using noble materials in our design and fashion products for parents of pets.

All our products are selected to avoid using materials that were produced through the use of pesticides, and we choose companies that have environmental care certifications as suppliers of our materials.

Our Commitment “Zero Waste”: Our objective is to minimize the waste we generate in the environment. As part of our philosophy, we reuse all our discards for the realization of other products, this allows us to have unique product lines made under the premise of recycling and reusing all the materials we have. Waste that we cannot use, is donated to small businesses or people who need them.

If you want to know more about our materials click here.


We love our pets and for us they are part of our family. We believe that each one can contribute a grain of sand to create a better world, and from our side of pet company, we are interested in contributing and promoting the protection of animals, since it is a very important point these days, also having So many animals in danger of extinction. This project came up with the idea of ​​helping animals in street situations and in unfavorable conditions. That is why today we have partnered with animal shelters in Argentina and the United States, so that from our place we can help those who need it. For each product purchased, Bark In Green makes a donation to the associated animal shelters.

Also, if interested, join and support these shelters from another angle, or join the different activities we carry out for this purpose. Read more about this in Let’s Bark

Our commitment to animals is total, so we chose to make all our products with vegan materials and free of animal cruelty.