We are a sustainable brand, and we strive to be in the entire process of our business, from the selection of materials, the way we link with our team and the selection of the suppliers that accompany us, the packaging in which we ship the product to the consumer and we even focus on seeing how we can recycle the materials of our elaborations, always looking to respect our “Zero Waste” policy. This task is as important as providing the best quality in our products.

All of our products are cruelty free and ecofriendly


Recycled Polyester

It has the same technical characteristics as any other virgin polyester fabric, but its difference is that it is obtained from recycled polyester fibers. This contributes to a lower environmental impact in its manufacture.



If you wonder if it will be sustainable to print on fabric, we can tell you that it is. Digital textile printing is the most ecological printing technology on the market, and much more when compared to traditional printing and textile dyeing, where hundreds of liters of contaminated water are generated per hour.To print on recycled fabrics the sublimation texil is used, technology in which running water is not part of the process. The inks that are used are water based, and the main waste that is generated (the paper) can then be recycled. In addition, the colors last much longer and do not deteriorate with washing. Being digital prints, we can make works and designs with vivid and bright colors, without polluting the environment.



Known as the golden fiber, jute is one of the longest and most used natural fibers for various textile applications. We use jute threads to pack our products. Jute fiber is recyclable and 100% biodegradable, so it is harmless to the environment.