Be BIG - Be Bark In Green

We believe in the importance of leaving a positive mark on the world, in creating a brand that not only provides quality and design products, but also ethically and sustainably.
It is our responsibility to generate a positive social and environmental impact, therefore, from our place as a pet brand, we collaborate with pet shelters from Argentina and the United States.

Who we are

At Bark in Green we strive to be able to provide the best products and services for our clients in a sustainable way, and for this task we have the collaboration of excellent people and teams. Know us a little more!


Founder & CEO

Founder and visionary of the idea, she has managed to creatively develop the brand, around a simple idea: help animals in need. And how to do it? Creating the best Design and Luxury products for pets in the most sustainable way possible .


International Sales Manager

With extensive business experience working in the US, and with Asian companies, he has brought a passion for perfection in working methods. Since the beginning of BiG. Raul has sought to find the best associates and representatives who can collaborate with Bark in Green, respecting each of the values that characterize us!

Partners at Bark in Green

They have helped us develop our brand, and they are excellent professionals committed to our mission.


Excellent designer from Serbia, with experience doing work for Fiat and Ferrari in the preparation and design of spaces, is a person highly committed to his work and has contributed excellent collaborations to Bark in Green.


She is the Illustrator behind some of our designs. Born in the Philippines, she has managed to develop in the Fashion world by doing illustration work for luxury companies like Hermes, and has brought all her talent to develop part of Bark in Green’s collections, that you can see here.


Is a sensitive designer with great artistic value and with a vast experience, born in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: “The End of the World”, she illuminated some of our collections with her incredible designs, see them here.

Julian & Lautaro

With a wonderful professional capacity, Julian contributes all his creativity, together with Lautaro, to capture through their lens excellent photographs that represent the words and acts that we transmit in images and videos.


Artisan of incredible quality, Fashion designer, with the excellence that characterizes her, she carries out some of our creations in the workshop.

Luz & Gus

Craftsmen of sewing and especially beautiful people, Luz and Gus, lead one of our workshops, performing all their work with incredible quality and a lot of love, carry out some of our design pieces.